About Us

FreightOffice is driven to improve the way shippers associations do business.

The FreightOffice software was developed in-house and in close relation with Wine and Spirits Shippers Association. The product and business model were conceived by creator and developer, Scott Keen. With over 10 years of professional software development experience, the time was right to build a powerful web-based software application with worldwide access for the freight industry.

FreightOffice was created with managers and users in mind. It had to be easy-to-use and have a complete suite of tools. It had to be able to produce spreadsheets and management reports. It had to be accessible worldwide -- anytime, anywhere. In early 1999, Scott's software contracting company, Paradise Software based in Reston, Virginia, began creating the FreightOffice software application. After a 3-year investment of effort, FreightOffice was rolled out into production on February 10th 2002.

The response since the beginning has been extremely positive.

FreightOffice is constantly undergoing improvements to address changing needs in the freight industry. We're excited to roll out new products and features and have been doing so since day 1. We have an awesome product and are constantly brainstorming our way into making improvements. We understand that you have choices, and would appreciate your business.


Investors and interested parties should contact Scott Keen at +1 (808) 989-9550 or submit a contact form.