Common Contact Fields

Select the status of the contact

Contact ID
(Administrators only)
System generated numeric ID

Contact GUID
(Administrators only)
System generated globally unique ID

Data Source
Tracking origin of contact, e.g. leads, marketing campaigns, etc.


Shortened version of Company name. Do not use spaces or punctuation. Maximum 20 characters.

Login password for this contact, used in the contact web access module. Click the "New password..." link to create a unique system-generated random password.

Full name of the company

A contact type must be chosen. Multiple types may be selected for any contact.
"Member " is an either-or choice for every contact.


Company Contacts

Persons within the company. Fax and E-mail fields may be selected when sending attachments and reports from orders. Action options include Add New and Delete. This section is available after contact has been created. Note: individual contact e-mail; company e-mail entered at bottom of page.


Business Address, Courier Address, Other Address

The company address, phone, and fax numbers. At a minimum, enter a Country for the Business Address .


E-mail address for sending attachments and reports from orders.

Web Page
Contact website.



1,000 character limit. Internal use. Appears only on contact page.